Anesthesia Care Team

At Commonwealth Anesthesia, a team of anesthesia specialists, including an anesthesiologist and a nurse anesthetist, will be assigned to take care of you.

Anesthesiologists are physicians who have completed four years of medical school after graduating from college. Following medical school, anesthesiologists complete four to five years of specialized medical training in the field of anesthesiology, which includes pain management and intensive care medicine. Once finished with medical residency, the anesthesiologists are eligible for board certification, which involves extensive written and oral examinations. Anesthesiologists must renew certification every ten years.

All of CAA’s partners are board-certified anesthesiologists. Many of our physicians have also completed fellowships, which require one or more years of subspecialty training. Some of these subspecialty areas include cardiac anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, and pediatric anesthesia.

An anesthesiologist will personally direct every aspect of your anesthesia procedure. Our anesthesiologists partner with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) to provide care to you in the operating room.

CRNAs are registered nurses who have had one to two years of intensive care nursing experience prior to attending an accredited nurse anesthesia school for two years of anesthesia training. Each nurse must pass a certification examination to practice as a CRNA. Our CRNA’s work hand in hand with the anesthesiologist as an important part of the anesthesia care team.

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